The Blue Pacific Solutions Group was created to give you access to a systematic process for generating wealth.


Blue Pacific Solutions Group Systematic Approach

The Blue Pacific Solutions Group was created to give you access to a systematic process for generating wealth. While it is tempting to immediately focus on financial products, your rate of return, etc., it is critical that you understand the process. This is what ultimately creates incredible results. We will get to products, but for now throw out everything you think you know and let’s discuss the system as a whole. Please read this to the end. We are not a “normal” company and it is critical you understand how we work and why.

The Status Quo

Asking the Right Questions

Your Comprehensive Plan

The Blue Pacific Solutions Group was formed to help you:

1. Learn how to create a systematic approach to wealth generation
2. Have access to relationships and resources to implement their strategy

The Status Quo

Shopping in today’s financial market generally works like this: Someone you trust tells you that someone else you’ve never met (your new financial advisor, EFT, mutual fund) can invest your money and it will grow. Then another person you trust tells you to put some of your money in another great product because it has an amazing return rate. So you put some money in both. In addition, your company puts money in your 401K account, which is great because they match the amount you put in… easy money right? After a year of doing this, you pay your taxes, take a nice vacation, and the only money you will have for next year is the money you earn, just like last year…

Unless the market crashes. Or the bond market drops. Or the housing market tanks. Or you suddenly need some of it and have to liquidate. Meanwhile, inflation is eating away at your growth and when you lose money you often still have the pleasure of paying fees and taxes on the money you lost.

Is the system broken? No. Were the investments that you or your financial advisor made bad? Not necessarily. Did your strategy take into account your actual goals? Unexpected changes in life? Taxes? Job security? Insurance? Probably not. The problem was not “the market” or the advisor, the problem was not asking the right questions before you even began.

You aren’t taught to ask the right questions when approaching your finances, and that isn’t your fault. Everyone tells you to shop for “solutions,” so you do. You are taught this at every turn. The internet is full of amazing financial products and people telling you why theirs is the best. The internet is not full of people explaining why a good wealth plan is an ecosystem and that financial success is dependent on each piece contributing to a common goal. This is the huge missing link and mindset shift that could be responsible for whether or not you are successful.




When you shop for a car what do you ask yourself first? “Does this car meet my needs.” (Or maybe you ask yourself if you like how it looks first… but functionality is pretty high on the list!). This immediately informs whether you buy a mini-van, a truck, a hatchback, etc. Then you, being a savvy consumer, ask about the gas mileage, the warranty and figure out how expensive will it be to own the car. Unless you are a car enthusiast, did you once think about all the small internal details? Would you buy a car because the drive train was made by a certain factory? Or ask what kind of steel the engine uses? Eventually, you might wonder those things, but first you ask the important questions, the ones that determine whether your car will fit your lifestyle and finances. This is exactly the opposite of how most people approach finances. Instead of asking how do my investments fit into the entire picture, we throw money into things based on a rate of return. We ask about the smallest details but disregard all the other pieces of a plan that make the car actually run.

The good news? Often despite years of operating this way it is entirely possible to revolutionize your finances. It is possible to take all that hard work and cash in on it. That is why we formed BPSG and why we love what we do.


Just like there is a reason your car has the engine in front, 4 wheels and a door, there are many reasons why this systematic approach to wealth works. Why is cash flow the most important? Why not big piles of money? Because cash flow is spendable money in your pocket, right now. It simultaneously gives you the flexibility to build the 4 other important systematic steps and gives you money to do whatever it is you need to do. Every single strategy should either create cash flow, create tax savings which creates cash flow, or mitigate risk stops you from losing cash flow. Click to read more about each of the 5 pillars and how work in harmony to create cash flow and move to your goal.

Your comprehensive plan should directly speak to your goals and to figure that out you need a strategy partner. You need someone who understands the rules of the game and can give you a distilled rulebook, map, and compass to navigate with. This is exactly what we do at the Blue Pacific Solutions Group. And then we take things one giant step further than that…

Because what is your plan worth though if you cannot execute it? Well, at BPSG you take advantage of 30+ years of business relationships at your disposal. Need tax help? We have licensed CPAs standing by. Need to purchase turn-key real estate to create tax deductions and cash flow? We have licensed brokers and property management companies that specialize in that industry. The same goes for insurance, entity formation, legacy planning, legal, self directed retirement accounts, and almost any other thing you can think of. This is the true power of the Blue Pacific Solutions Group – The BPSG plan, and the BPSG network that allows you to implement things.


The BPSG Process - Systematic Wealth

The members of the BPSG family are all experts in their fields and on the cutting edge. They understand the power of a systematic process, their role in it, and share our common goal – make the strategies of the top 1% available to you.

In the financial product world there are so many easy ways to make a lot of money. We have chosen a harder and much more rewarding direction for our company. We decided to be the glue that holds your plan together. We take pride in helping you take the strategies of the very wealthy and use them to change your life.

  • Cash Flow CreationCreate cash flow now so you have options and opportunities.
  • Tax StrategyCreate cash flow now so you have options and opportunities.
  • Debt ReductionCreate cash flow now so you have options and opportunities.
  • ProtectionCreate cash flow now so you have options and opportunities.
  • Legacy PlanningCreate cash flow now so you have options and opportunities.