The Blue Pacific Solutions Group was created to give you access to a systematic process for generating wealth.

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The Blue Pacific Solutions Group was created to give you access to a systematic process for generating wealth.


  • Five years ago I connected with BPSG to help me with tax and retirement planning. Since then, not only have they helped me with taxes and retirement, but also worked on reducing debt , increasing my insurance coverage, and improving my cash flow. They did this by developing creative strategies that are unique for me. It is all about the BPSG process, which works with the financial goals you have. Today, I am a lot more assured and less anxious about the my financial future.

    Ray Borooah
  • I have worked with BPSG for many years. At the time I first met them, I really had no plan in place for retirement. I just figured my 401K and company retirement would take care of me. They have changed my thinking in so many ways. Now I have a plan in place that will provide for more than enough financial power to give me a comfortable retirement.

    I highly recommend BPSG for any financial/retirement plans you may want. Not only do they know what they are doing, but all of them are great people!

    Barb S.
  • I am so grateful to have met Jim & Lorraine Conaway. They are people who care and respect you regardless of where you are at in life. I like how they make it a point for married couples to be on the same page, and to prepare for “what if” situations. Thank you guys for helping me see the importance of putting my family first in every decision.

    Mark P.
    Lead Agent
  • BPSG not only saved my parents retirement plan but has been incredible at helping me plan for my financial future. I don’t think I’ve met anyone else to date with their knowledge expertise, or genuine willingness to help clients achieve their financial goals (whatever they might be). Tax planning, real estate, long term care planning, charitable trusts, life insurance, they actually create a multi-faceted, low risk plan that worked specifically for my situation and for my parents and have the tools and resources to make the process simple and easily executable. I can’t say enough good things about them!

    Oliver K.
    President, Wealth Building Enterprises
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The BPSG Network Services

The BPSG Network Service

Cash Flow Creation

Take your lazy assets and turn them into hard working, perpetual, passive income streams.

Turn Key Real Estate

Take the stress out of real estate with amazing rates of return.

The BPSG Network Service
The BPSG Network Service

Tax Strategy & Planning

Create wealth by keeping more of your hard earned money.


Access incredible opportunities with clean books.

The BPSG Network Service
The BPSG Network Service

Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

Stop waiting. Unlock assets to create lifetime cash flow right now.

Insurance (all types except medical)

Grow your wealth and protect your wealth simultaneously.

The BPSG Network Service
The BPSG Network Service

Estate/Legacy Planning

Pass your assets on in the most tax advantaged and beneficial way possible.